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Hi I am new I was looking for a place for sexaul disfuntions and I think this is a close as I will get.

Some thing I don't understand. I am a human, humans have sex for reasons other then to mate. Sex is suppose to be enjoyable, but I am affraid of it. Why? I can't figure out why it is one my mind so much, yet I am affraid to give that part of myself to another human physically. For all my sexual liberation I am scared to death of something so dangerous tha it hinders my desires. I can think about what I want, I do that all the time, but the minute I consider ating I get scared. Hell, I have not been a youthful Virgin since I was 13 years old. Yet, I can name every last one of my sexaul partners. I even still feel a moment of emotion pleasure when I thik about each of them, well all but the one that raped me (that one I wished death upon until he did die.) Perhaps that is part of my fear, the cold fear a 13 year old felt at being sexually taken.

It just makes no scense to me, I can dream of sex and often do nightly, I can write about sex, I write Star Trek Erotica, and I can talk openly about sex, but to do it??? What the hell is wrong with me?

The real puzzler is for me I love Cyber sex, but even that has to be with someone I trust.
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