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Hey I need some sexy support!

Hey all you sexy people this is cindy, and im a phone sex operator over at baycityblues. I wanted to post here to let everyone know that I cant wait to meet you all. This community sounds just like what I need and thats a person that will support me sexually. See ill admit that I actually like doing phone sex, thats why I have been doing it for so long. And another thing Ill tell everyone here the truth, I have real orgasms on the phone with my clients. I mean since im enjoying myself that comes through on the calls I do. And when I enjoy myself and relax it makes the clients enjoy themselves and relax. Im waiting on you to call me and make my day, I promise that when you do call me I will make  you so happy and furfilled that you wont be able to think of no one else ever. And thats a promise, my aim name is my yahoo aim is and my email address is . Im hot and ready for you, dont make me wait too much longer im so hot and sexy im melting, dont you want a taste?
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