battyvamp (battyvamp) wrote in sexsupport,

Erection Creams


I have a question on erection creams. How good do they work? My Fiancee is having a little problem on getting "happy" and we did some research and found out that instead of having to take pills he could use creams. So I am wondering how well they work.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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The creams do not really work.

I don't know the age of your man, but if he's not 50+ he shouldn't be having problems getting an erection. He should seriously go to the doctor, no joke! Troubles getting and keeping an erection can often be a sign of other much bigger problems.
If it isn't something physical, like heart or blood flow problems, then it might be a deep psychological problem... That can be very difficult to deal with because it's often hard to find the root of the problem. Once you find the issue then you have to figure out how best to resolve it.
Good luck.
He does have heart problems. He has CHF and diabetes. Ever since he got diagnosed with CHF he has had a hard time with getting erections and he is only 28.