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What does it mean when a guy....

This question would be to all the men out here. What does a guy mean when he asks a woman if she likes giving head??? I was asked this right after going down on him and of course I replied Yes I do, but the fact that he had to ask is making me think he might have not liked something or I sucked at it for him. I asked him why he asked and he replied, "because You're so good at it." I just still feel unsure about why he asked. So guys what is your opinion on this scenerio.

Thanks all.
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im sitting right next to my boyfriend and read him your post.he said most likely the guy asked to make sure you were enjoying giving him the bj.
makes sense in a guy way sorta...
Dunno why he asked afterward...I wonder if he felt he forced you into giving him head.
Sounds like he was just being flirty, in my opinion. :)
Well, it has been so long since anyone has gone down on me, but I can say this. I think if a guy asks if you like it there could be a few reasons. probably the biggest reason is guilt. We hear all the time how little women really enjoy giving head and when we actually get some part of us is thinking you only did it because we asked you to or you think it is expected. So if I ask, in my own way, I am getting acknowledgment from you that is is ok to ask again and you are doing it because you REALLY want to. Does that make any sense?

I believe guys ask because so many girls only give head to get a man then they don't hardly get it at all. I am a person who loves it.. (note the name- lollipop_licks)

If my bf keeps that from me, I truly get upset. Don't get offended. Just keep in mind what guys have been through in other relationships and how that aspect of their sex life dwindles in time because a lot of girls only do it to ensure the relationship.

This is just my opinion however. Most girls I know admit this though.

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