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Open relationship gone wrong:

Please excuse the terrible writing, I'm just not really in a good state to pay attention to grammar and spelling.

My girlfriend and I have a 1 sided open relationship. She's allowed to see and sleep with other guys and I don't.

I really don't want her to sleep with any of my friends at all. I've never said it directly to her. But I have asked, many times, for her not to sleep with my best friend. And even made her promise me she wouldn't try and meet up with him unless I was there.

So eventually she meets my best friend via MSN and within days she's giving him a blow job. after doing so, she SMS'd me to let me know. I was gutted. But didn't let her know straight away. I questioned her about how she found it and why she did it and so. And then told her to promise me not to do it again. Days later she's doing it again. This time around I told her I was devastated and asked that she stop. cutting out all the details, the two of them start getting in to ropes and handcuffs and pretty much having a free time about everything. I try to encourage her to find other men if she needs that kind of thing in her life, but she keeps telling me she only wants me and never ever wants to do anything with my friend ever again.

She knows this is killing me, but my love for her is so strong that it keeps our relationship going in spite of all this. Well last night she did it again. She said she was hanging out with him and cutting to the chase she Blew him. I get an email at 4:59am saying that the fucked up and is so terribly sorry. But this afternoon she's not longer saying she's sorry but in fact, she was lonely and he was lonely and since I don't mind he being friendly with other guys, she figured it would be all OK. Even though, time and time again, I've told her how much it kills me and how much it's destroying me on the inside and how she's welcome to the other 3 billion guys on the planet. She has to go for my best friend.

What are you thoughts on this situation?

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