The Goblin Queen (angelsaber) wrote in sexsupport,
The Goblin Queen

my current Ex (and possable soon to be boyfriend,) are currently having a child togather. he is trying to get his kicks while he still can and is dating another girl. he dosnt love her and he dose love me. we arent togather because we decided to take some time apart to see how things can work with out eachother (always keeping in mind that he are both going to be parents in september)

while dating this girl he has also had a hard time resisting the temptation to start up that old flame between us. i do not like the idea of having sex with another man while i am pregnant with the child of the one i know i love. it just feals weird to me.

the big problem at hand here is i hate girls who sleep with other peoples boyfriends. yet i am sleeping with this girls boyfriend. i am in love with him and we are going to get back togather eventualy and we jsut dont like the idea of me having sex with someone else.

am i a bad person for this?
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