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Sex Support
Hey. I just found this community and it seems as though sex support is what I'm needing right now!
I've been with my new girlfriend for almost four months and we've have been having sex with each other since then.  The trouble is I can't make her cum when I'm going down on her, nor when I'm massaging her clit manually. She tells me she came once when I was using my fingers on her clit but to be honest I think she's lying.... I have no problem making her ejaculate but I'd like to give her the full monty.
I have much more experience with girls than she does and I think that she expects me to be masterful in the bedroom, which I'm sometimes up for but  quite like to be 'taken' now and again too!
She claims that I'm better than many of her past partners however, they've made her cum and I haven't. I ask her to tell me what feels good, what turns her on, I try to be as perceptive as possible because I don't think she's got the confidence to give me a step by step guide on how to get her off  nor does she even know what gets her off. She doesn't have a problem getting aroused, she gets wet and her clit gets very very hard but just can't seem to cum.........  She is taking Prozac at the moment and is also very stressed out so maybe this has something to do with her inability to have clitoral orgasms with me or for that matter, her self!
Another problem is that I'm beginning to feel very inadequate and the whole situation is giving my ego a real bashing (which i'm aware is pretty selfish).  Now when we have sex there is an awkwardness between us, mostly because I feel like she is just going through the motions to satisfy me, which I can tell you, is not satisfying. 
We had a discussion a few nights ago after having sex which was really tepid. I got a bit agitated, and told her my concerns, to which her initial response was to say she felt as though I was giving her an ultimatum. She now tells me she's glad I said something (which I don't believe). Am I pressuring her too much? Is there anything that I could do to help this situation or give her an orgasm!?

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Alright. I know all about female ejaculation and what not. I am a squirter. I'm proud of it...but when I do squirt I can't stop! I mean I can stop pushing and stop the liquid from coming out! But if I push no matter how long it just keep coming out eventually soaking EVERYTHING and making a mess..I once squirted all over the bathroom floor and it took 3 BIG towels to get it all dry...my parents were like...What happened? And I was like...Oh the bathtub overflowed....seriously..the bathtub overflowed? They believed me though...which is what makes it more confusing as to why I'm able to squirt SO much!

I LOVE to do it...but I just HATE the mess! 

I was wondering if there was anyone else here that squirts? at all? too much? wants to? 

and I was also wondering what a good way would be to catch it all to measure it to see how much I've squirted so I can maybe enter the guiness book of world records or something!

any comments are welcome! 


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Long time reader, never posted or commented, but wanted to ask a good community a question.

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I was interested in using honey during sex, and I was wondering if anyone had tried this.  The information on the internet is equivocal--some seemingly legitimate sites say it will cause a yeast infection, and other seemingly legitimate sites say that honey (because of its antiseptic properties) will actually CURE yeast infections.

Any personal experiences or professional medical advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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my boyfriend and i are trying to have sex, but every time we try, it hurts so bad i start screaming, and we have to stop (i'm a virgin, he is not). we practice using one/two fingers about every other night...use lots of lube...make sure i'm "warmed up"...nothing is working. fingers still hurt like crazy every time he does that, andwe've been trying that since february. my bofriend is being very patient and isn't pressuring me at all, and i'm psycologically ready for sex...so what's going on down there? i'm really frustrated with how hard this is. when does it get easier? any tips?
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This may seem like common sense but it's a question to ask because I really do need other's opinions on it.

I had a daughter about a year ago, but she was adopted by another family and it's only been nine months since then.
I'm still with the father(he's my fiance), but he cheated on me 3 times during the pregnancy and left me for two months to be with those three girls.
We worked things out but now...I'm not really sexual with him anymore.
Before then everything was hot and passionate(unless I had day sickness), and now it's blah.
I think it has to do with my mental outlook on sex now since all of that happened, and he doesn't please me very much anymore when we do have sex.

Could it be that I'm just not attracted to him the same way anymore?
One of the girls he cheated on me with he cheated on his last girlfriend with as well and might have a possible child out of the ordeal because they had sex without protection everytime so I hold resentment towards that as well if the child is his.

Agh, what I'm getting at is, is this normal for me to feel like I don't want him to touch me sexually and I have no libido for him anymore?

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Anya Marina - Move You (Slow & Steady Seduction Phase II).MP3
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Today, i'm here with a question and a possible mistake. I NEED your input and any advice that you can throw at me, cause i'm at a lose-lose situation.

Two nights ago, i got drunk with my friend, over at his dorm.

Let's call him, A.
We've had lunches together and he'd wait for me after work. I'd finish off his leftovers and he'd smirk at me cause i told him he wasted food. We laugh at all our corny jokes and he'd smile at me sometimes and it'll feel like the world had stopped. We'd have 3 hour long conversations that never made me nervous or awkward.

Just, always. Right.
We're friends.

He came back from the bar 2 hours later, i was passed out on his bedroom floor.
He nudges me awake. Mumbles something about me sleeping on his floor. It bothered him.

He's drunk and he's had 13 shots and other assorted alcoholic beverages. My head spinning and throbbing, i struggle to look up at him in the dark.
"You can sleep on my bed, but it's pretty small and i usually sleep half-naked. We'd be spooning and i can guarantee you that something will wind up poking you"

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I don't know what to do now. I just don't know. I just don't believe that he doesn't remember anything. And if he actually did forget; that doesn't explain why he isn't talking to me.

We made a mistake that night.
A mistake that felt so right to do, it wouldn't be labeled a mistake. But it is.

Should i apologize? Should i start talking to him? What should i do?
Should i call him?

We've stopped talking ever since then.
I miss how we once were.... && i'm afraid it won't be the same as before....

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I kind of have a little bit of a problem. I am a virgin and my boyfriend isn't, and I am willing to give this kid my virginity the only thing is I am wicked un-experiance at everything. I am afraid to give him a blowjob because I have a small mouth and I don't know how to do anything.

Also one question, my friend said it didn't hurt as much for her but she used tampons and I don't so will it hurt alot? And also will there be alot of blood?
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I have a problem
My boyfriend is a virgin and I've been teaching him the ropes ya know? The problem is, he can't make me cum. Is there any tips I can have to help him get me off?  
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I switched from Ortho Tricyclen to YAZ this past summer. My boyfriend & I started seeing each other in September & I have a lot of trouble climaxing when we have sex. I read that YAZ & other birth control pills can "decrease libido." But my sex drive has not decreased AT ALL. Could it still be the pills preventing me from having an orgasm when we have sex even if my sex drive hasn't been effected? I dated someone for two years & climaxed almost every time we had sex, & my new boyfriend is MUCH better in bed than he was. So I'm confused. Help/advice? Thanks.
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