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This community was created because we feel the mods, as far as other sex-related communities go -cough-, are unfair and ridiculous at times. Its not politics, its sex.
Me and a few others were sick of the whole "don’t post this that or the other thing" vibe. So, we branched out. This is a form of a rip-off, a more neutral one.

Sex-related advice, tips, pointers, questions, concerns etc. are ALL welcome.

Our Mission Statement (haha)
This community is generally pretty open. You will not be banned for a ridiculous reason (such as nature of question [so long as its on topic] or maturity of question or reply). Your post will not be deleted unless its unrelated, threatening or belittling. No question is too stupid to ask. No advice is not worth giving.

Sex-related advice, tips, pointers, questions, concerns etc. are all welcome.

Rules (i.e. "the fun part")
The only rules here are to just be civil, use your better judgment and everything will be just fine and dandy. Put long entries behind a lj-cut . If you're going to advertise or plug something, please include a tip or something to that effect along with the entry (also check out directory and other advertising-based communities ). Do not ask for codes. Don’t go off topic.

Your maintainers are killaho and sayzzagain. If you need to contact us, please use the email listed above sexsupport@gmail.com.


Note: If/when the community grows, the rules will be updated as needed. They will not, however, be hypocritical to the guidelines stated above.

Disclaimer: Be advised that the content of this community may be offensive to some. The statements expressed here, and any opinions, are those of the writers alone, and neither are opinions of, nor reflect the individual views of, Sex Support. Content created by the writers is the sole responsibility of the writers, and its accuracy and completeness are not endorsed or guaranteed.

This also goes for all those links, too: Sex Support has no control over the information you access via such links, does not endorse that information, cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or any analysis based thereon, and shall not be responsible for it or for the consequences of your use of that information.

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